Google Analytics Users Get Safe Browsing Protection

Earlier this week, Google announced that it has started offering more protection to users from unwanted software. It now keeps you safe online and provides protection so that unwanted software does not make undesirable changes to your computer. Google Chrome shows warnings before you download unwanted software. For example, chrome shows a new warning when you visit a website that demands downloads of unwanted software.

safe browsing protection

When you’re a website owner, you must be familiar with Google Webmaster Tools. Google released an update for website owners so that they know when their sites have been compromised. Website owners would only see such alerts in Google Webmaster Tools. Safe Browsing is an in-built feature into Webmaster Tools that alerts when something on your site can cause problems to others. But, the thing is that website owners do not visit Google Webmaster Tools’s site on a daily basis.

Google now announced that it has extended the safe browsing protection for Google Analytics users as well. Google Analytics’ notifications bar will now appear the malware warnings. As website owners check regularly their Google Analytics account, these notifications provide real-time information to the website owners. These alerts will also continue to appear in Google Webmaster Tools as well.

These notifications will look like:

safe browsing protection

This effort of extending safe browsing protection has been taken by Google to protect internet users. A couple of weeks ago, Google revised its documentation on hacked websites with more detailed information. All these efforts by Google are directed towards making Internet a safer place to browse and share details.

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