Google Maps App Updated For Android and iOS

The Google Maps app for Android and iOS received a major update while bring a handful of amazing features for travel with your smartphone. Let’s list out the important features that come with this update:

  1. Lane guidance

    With recent update of Google Maps App, lane guidance is an astonishing feature that is available on GPS devices. It will show you which lane is necessary along with current directions to make sure that you don’t miss out important turns. Lane guidance will display distance, arrival time, as well as quick access to alternate routes, thus making your navigation better than ever. Get free, voice-guided turn by navigation whether driving or walking.


    Photo Credit: Google Maps

  2. Traveling away from network service? No worries!

    If you are traveling to a place where data connections are slow or you want to manage your data limits, Google Maps is introducing the ability to save maps for offline use. Now, you have the flexibility to manage offline maps in a custom list.


    Photo Credit: Google Maps

  3. Public Transit integration

    Google Maps now allow you to get all details about total walking time of your trip along with details about next scheduled bus or train. Just enter the destination and select a date for travel to get the most accurate information. It’s that simple! You can also look for “last train”, which is great when you are visiting a city with no 24-hour transit.

  4. Local search made easier

    With Google Maps app new update, you can easily search for restaurants, businesses or nearly place with click of a button. Your results will also display pricing, ratings and open hours to help you make your better decisions. This new integration to ratings and through such search filters, it now has many features than just a map app.


    Photo Credit: Google Maps

  5. Uber integration

    If you have an Uber app installed, you will now be able to compare the route with transit and walking directions directly from Google Maps. Uber is a car rentals service that allows you to hire several types of vehicles through its mobile apps. It even shows the estimated time for trips using Uber cars.

  6. Other features

    Other new features include indoor maps, 3D maps and Street view and the app now recalls saved places when you are signed in to Google.
    You can download the latest version of Google Maps for Android in Google Play and for iPhone and iPad, you can get it at iTunes.
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