Google Search for iOS Updated for Smarter Search Results

Google recently updated its Google Search app to version 4.0.0 to let users have smarter conversations with Google. With recent updates, Google is focused on performance and interface improvements along with a variety of new notifications. This smarter app can now notify users about new articles related to favorite topics, authors, and blogs.


Google Now will learn information about your favorite topics, authors, as well as details like upcoming trips and send you alerts. This updated Google Now features improvements like a cricket sports card on Google Now, and more fluid image results.

The new version of Google Search app comes with new voice question capabilities. Google Search is able to interpret the questions linked together. The app can now recognize and string together conversional questions.

For example, you request for weather information, and then asking “how about this weekend?” the app will filter the results to that time period, understanding that the two conversations are linked together. A quick tap of the microphone icon or “OK Google” is all that’s needed to initiate a search.

You can download the updated version here.

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