How Modern Press Release Campaigns Help Your Marketing?

No matter what kind of online marketing strategies you utilize – a Press Release remains a valuable tool. Very few understand the dramatic affect a press release strategy can have as a direct consumer-communication channel.

Here, it’s vital to know when and how press releases will benefit your public relations strategy. Let’s discuss about the benefits of using a Press Release:

1) Make a positive impact on reputation of your business
Online press releases are a great way to get your product maximum exposure while at the same time, impact your website’s ranking in search engines. Following are the tips on how to use a press release for online marketing.

a) Those plain, information only press releases are definitely a thing of the past. So, make your press releases something interesting to read! You can insert little quips, quote favorite authors or personalities, and implement pop culture references. Also, don’t make the headline too long or dull. It needs to sound like news and not an advertisement.
b) The first paragraph should include information that maintain the interest of readers and convince them to keep reading. Keep your sentences short and crisp. Your reader should feel the need to find out more about it. Make your key points easy to spot, and include good quality content.
c) Don’t forget to mention your website in the press release.
d) Ensure that the complete format of press release is correct.

2) Press Release is picked up by other publications
A press release is issued to get your news across as many people as possible. So, to increase the likelihood that your press release will be picked by other publications is to present your story with interesting sound-bites. You need to get your timing right!

3) Get your message to the target audience
Press Releases provide multiple benefits that assist you in the long-term. It is a cost-effective method for small businesses and start-ups to get their message to the target audience. Focus on creating and submitting a strong press release!

4) Distribute regularly
You should publish press releases at least once a month. If you have enough newsworthy announcements, distribute a release weekly! The buzz you create will provide amazing results for your business. You can publish press release at several online portals such as BusinessWire, PRWeb, PRNewswire, Market Wire and lots more.

5) Utilize RSS feeds from online news sites
Many press release distribution sites also offer RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds of their press releases. This implies that whenever you submit a press release with them, it is seen by thousands of people subscribed to the RSS content feeds. An incredible way to reach people in near real-time!

6) Integrate your marketing campaigns
For consistent marketing, integrate your press release with other online marketing efforts. For example, you can distribute press release with a new product announcement.

It’s Time for You to start your Press Release Campaign

What we are doing now also forms an integral part of your press release campaign; we are completing our post with a call to action. A call to action gives people a pathway to purchase your product. Follow the 6 tactics above, as well as this call to action, to formulate new press releases that are sure to “wow” your clients.
Update your approach to press release, and you will be able to target a wider range of audience, thus getting amazing results!
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