How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Pinterest?

With an ever-expanding number of users in just four years, Pinterest is here to stay. This social network basically revolves around the metaphor of a pin board where users “pin” photos to their “boards.” Used primarily to share images, it has become a great tool for marketing your business. If you are going to use this network to build up your brand, here are a few things to consider.

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• Pinterest Is An Online Scrapbooking Platform
While lots of folks are wondering about the impressive statistics of Pinterest, increasing number of companies are using this fabulous tool to pin their way for a visually interesting, personally appealing brand. You can also make use of this valuable tool to drive sales or connect with potential clients. Start using Pinterest today!

• Pinterest Is Not For Everyone
Make sure that your business is a match to what’s trending on Pinterest. Pinterest caters to those looking for recipes, fashion looks, clothing, room décor and do-it-yourself craft. It’s well known that a major portion of Pinterest users are women. If you are an artist, you can post pictures of your work. There might be large number of pinners who will love to see your work. Design-forwards and women-focused large brands should have a Pinterest presence.

• Pinterest – An Image-Centric Website
Pinterest is an exceptionally easy to use site. You can pin images on your “board” whichever you like. The uncluttered aesthetic appeal of the website attracts large number of visitors. Your pinned images should include one link back to your website and this will result in boasting page views. Pinterest has the potential to generate maximum increase in traffic among several social networking sites.

• Create Shopper-Friendly Information
When compared to social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest users have a shopping mindset. So, include shopper-friendly information as possible, describing the product featured. Also, include it in a visually appealing manner so that it’s not hard to find. Apart from uploading new inventory of photos, you should also become active in the online community.

• Expand Your Online Reach
Pinterest is not only picking up in social media circles, but has also become a proven source of traffic for blogs and website. Make use of Group Boards and collaborate with other pinners to expose your brand to more people.

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• Show What Interests You
Instead of merely showcasing your products, you can also create boards to show what you like and what inspires you. For example, you can create boards for the ideas, places or moods behind your brand. Promote more than just products!

• Make Use Of Pinterest Pin Count Tool
Interested in knowing how Pinterest marketing is working for? You can easily measure the reach of your content with Pinterest Pin Count tool. It shows the numbers of times a page from your site has been pinned and repinned. This is a great way to know that the content you deliver benefit your current and potential customers.

• Add A “Pin It” Button To Product Pages
An important aspect when using Pinterest is to add a Pin it button to pages on your website to make an easy way for people to share the content on their boards. Promote pinning on social networks and in email newsletters.

Pinterest allows businesses to deliver content in an easily shareable format, leading to increased online traffic and visibility.
How have you been using Pinterest for your business? Share your experience by leaving comments below.