How to Find Good SEO Specialists for Your Business?

So, you’ve been asked to hire a good Search Engine Optimization firm for your online marketing services. You did a Google search for SEO Company in your geographical location and here comes a list of over 400 firms. Now, which one select? You start by visiting their websites, contacting the firms and hereby realizing that all tell you the same things. Well, this creates even more confusion as to the selection of right firm.

The fact is that some can deliver services the right way while others can’t. Handling over your marketing campaigns to SEO specialists can change your business for the better, but can also be a risky strategy. You need to take into consideration various factors on the lookout of a reliable SEO agency.


1) Choose A Reputed SEO Company
SEO agency usually has a diverse range of skills within a single company and offers a larger collective pool of experience as compared to freelancers who offer limited services. The company is able to able to offer full service integration, such as paid search and email marketing.

2) Nice-Looking Website Does Not Necessarily Mean Good SEO Firm
When you’re hiring SEO firm, it’s just the website design that you should look for. Agreed, good looking website is a part of online success but it is not the only one. Don’t just consider the look of the site. Some of the best firms have websites that are second-rate.

3) Understand Your Business Goals
The SEO firm should be able to align their work to your business strategies and help you towards reaching your goals. All strategies and techniques should be formulated considering your target segment and the business objectives. It should be a strategic fit your business needs.

4) Responsive
SEO companies are very busy. Right. But that’s certainly not an excuse to be not accessible to clients. The company should have representatives who can be contacted effortlessly for queries and searches. It should have knowledge of all Google updates and latest ongoing in the internet marketing field.

5) Right On-Page And Off-Page Tactics
When going to hire an SEO firm, find out the scope how they would optimize your site. If they have adequate knowledge and right plans, they will try to know about your business before to discuss the right keywords. In simple language, a good SEO company builds detailed plan and target appropriate long tail keywords.

6) Don’t Rely On Fake Promises
There are many bad SEO companies out there. You need to save yourself from getting caught in their trap. They may lure you with tempting offers such as promising a No. 1 position in search results or participating in offers that promise to submit your site to search engines. Using hidden links or text to try to boost your keyword density is a black hat technique.


7) Firm Should Have Knowledge About Latest Changes
The SEO firm you choose you be up to date with the latest changes in the Search Engines. They should understand how technology is changing and how to use Social Media platform to make the best out of the marketing efforts.

8) Going Beyond SEO
Check whether the firm has a proven track record in the field of marketing or advertising strategy. Online success is just not about creating a website and it goes much beyond the relatively simple process of optimizing website. They should understand the overall strategy and have the ability to offer you exactly what you need. The strategies must be based taking into consideration the long term success.

9) Bigger SEO Firm Does Not Imply Better SEO Firm
The right SEO firm for you can be a small team of 10+ employees or it can be a full-fledged firm with more than 500 employees. It depends on your requirements and budget. When your needs and expectations are getting fulfilled by a small firm, size of the firm doesn’t matter. It’s their dedication and commitment that offers you results.

10) Answer Your Questions
Don’t get fooled by SEO people and look for someone who answers your questions in a simple and clear language. The specialists should be able to answer your queries including results they have achieved so far. The theories and strategies must be backed by their previous successes. Get answers to questions like how have their strategies helped their existing or previous clients?

Whatever criteria you choose to select a good SEO company, make sure that it’s the right one for you. CouncilSoft is a reputed SEO agency in Philadelphia has been dedicatedly working towards helping clients in achieving desired business goals using white hat techniques.

If you have additional things that you’d like to add to this list, please include them in comments below. We’d love to hear them.