SEO Dominating Trends In 2014

We are reaching the midway of 2014 and it’s the high time we should talk about the SEO dominating trends. How can these trends affect your online business? What should be your strategy to achieve business goals? Here, we have discussed answers to such questions in detail.

Key elements that require attention to succeed:

  1. On-page optimization

    Website optimization remains the most essential element of SEO. Right from the beginning, a website is required to be designed carefully, so that it can be easily indexed by Google and other major search engines. Some of the important aspects concerning on-page optimization include Meta tags, index options, heading tags, multi-language issues, canonical URLs, duplicate content, and lots more.

  2. Quality Content

    Content of a website remains a valuable tool for the site’s web traffic, as well as from SEO prospective. If the company website does not have a blog section and is not updated regularly by professional columnists, then it cannot keep up with the rising competitive in the online world. Business owners need to focus on creating high-quality content guided by strong keyword research. Competition is too high and you can afford to lose a single opportunity to stand out among the rival firms.

  3. The rise of social media

    Social media networks continue to play a pivotal role in the success of any business firm. One should not neglect the power of social media marketing and what it can do for your business. The important signals for SEO are shares and likes on Facebook, links to tweets and retweets on Twitter, Shares on Google + and the like. They have provided businesses with a plethora of opportunities to produce engaging content in a variety of media forms. Remaining active on social media networks can prove fruitful for firms in the long term.


  4. The increasing role of infographics

    Pictures speak louder than words, and infographics are here to rule the world of online marketing. They offer an amazing attractive opportunity to make content easily digestible. The rapid success of Pinterest is testaments to the potential of image-centric content. Blog posts with sharable content and well-placed pictures are a great way to attract traffic. Infographics are a great way to explain the topic and provide statistical information in a convenient manner.

  5. Pay attention to Google +

    Investing in Google + will reap long term benefits for your business firm. Establishing Google Authorship of your Google+ account is a good way to strengthen your Author Rank. This could be achieved by growing your contact circles, by actively contributing to the comments, valuable links and engaging content of other users.


  6. Less is More

    It is vital to value simplicity and have a clean and aesthetic appeal to your audience. Many consumers get irritated by constant advertisements that pop-up unnecessarily on the website. Do not overwhelm consumers with hype. You should focus on promoting products and services that simplify their shopping experience as well as their lives.

  7. Mobile-friendly websites

    You can follow two approaches to target the mobile users. First approach is creating a distinct website for mobile users and the second approach is the “responsive design.” First approach results in easier to search and faster loading website. With responsive designed website, you’ll be able to save money and resources while attracting traffic coming from mobile devices.


2014 poses great challenges for the SEO field. On-page optimization, social media networks, content marketing, mobile-friendly websites and infographics continue to be vital elements for SEO success. As search engines are getting smarter, there is need to say no to black hat SEO techniques and follow the right path.

How are you preparing for the SEO trends in 2014? What changes in SEO strategies have you noticed in this year as compared to previous few years? Share your thoughts with us.