Top 5 SEO Challenges That Every Business Owner Face

When starting a new business, you are faced with a number of challenges and one of the most prominent among them is to create a strong online presence. Google continues to bring changes to its analytics and businesses need to stay friendly with search engines to target the desired segment of audience.

Here, we have listed the top SEO challenges that every business owner face irrespective of the size and nature of the business unit.

1)  Search engines are not static

Business owners need to understand that the search results offered by Google, Bing or Yahoo are not static. The situation can change dramatically positively or negatively in a small interval of time. Your ranking on the search engine results is not static and neither will you own that ranking. The competitors are always trying to get your ranking, market share, traffic etc.

You need to spend your money and resources to make sure that the ranking improves as competition is getting stiff each day. You are required to invest constantly on SEO strategies.

SEO challenges

2)  Creating and promoting high-quality content

Today, businesses need to increase their content effort. The need for high quality and relevant content is on the high and the trend will continue for 2015. The challenge is to create engaging content and promote your content to current customers and subscribers. Even the best content is useless unless it reach your prospects and customers.

3)  Engage in social media

One of the biggest SEO challenges that every business owner face is to create a strong presence on key social networks. It is not enough to just create profiles at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. You also need to use keywords and keyword phrases and update content on social media sites. When you use keywords that are targeted to your audience, they will find your updates and profiles.

SEO challenges

4)  Target Mobile users

With an ever-increasing number of mobile users, it is essential to make your business appealing to them. Google also accounts for how you provide mobile experience to the users. Your business cannot afford to ignore opting for responsive designs for your website.

5)  Waiting for results of SEO efforts

Yes, you have successfully done a good SEO campaign but when to expect the results? Even though the results are long-lasting but they take time to come up. Small businesses, on the other hand, find it challenging to invest their time and money in SEO campaigns and spend months waiting for the results. If you do quick fixes, it can cause more harm than benefits. It is essential to understand how the SEO works and keep up with the latest trends.

SEO challenges

Did we miss out other SEO challenges that every business owner face? Do let us know about them in the comments!