Top 7 Translation Plugins For WordPress

In today’s post we’ve covered the topmost translation plugins for your WordPress website. These plugins provide multi-language support to your site, thus enhancing your customer reach.

Here is the list of popular WordPress Translation Plugins:

1) Transposh
Transposh is a free translation plugin that allows automatic translation of 82 languages. It offers a unique approach to blog translation and allows your blog to combine automatic translation with human translation. It takes care of hidden elements, link tags, Meta contents and titles. With this plugin, your RSS feeds are also translated.


2) qTranslate
A very popular translation plugin, qTranslate offers you an easy to use interface for managing a fully multilingual website. It is very easy to switch between the languages and allows professional human translation with just two clicks. An excellent feature of qTranslate is that one language is for each URL and thus, no mixing of multilingual content. It supports infinite languages, which you can easily add/modify/delete via Configuration Page.

screenshot-1 (1)

WPML is a popular premium plugin to turn your site multilingual. It makes very easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It is an ideal choice for corporate sites as well as blogs. The default install comes with 40 languages and you can also add your own language variants. You have the flexibility to arrange different language contents in the same domains, in sub-domains or in different domains.


4) Google Language Translator
This powerful plugin allows you to insert the Google Language Translator tool anywhere on your website. Using shortcode, you can add this plugin and choose to hide/show Google toolbar, hide/show Google branding and other settings available. You can also add the shortcode to pages, posts, and widgets.

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5) GTS Translation Plugin
It allows you to combine automatic translation and human post-editing with the purpose to provide human quality translation. This amazing plugin is a great tool to drive more international traffic to your website. You can use the GTS community of translator to maintain complete control of the process. the translated content is cached in your WordPress database and is indexed by search engines.

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6) Multilingual Press
You can connect multiple sites as language alternatives with Multilingual Press plugin. You need to get your Multisite up and running before installation of this plugin. Once running, it automatically creates duplicates of your posts and pages in your preferred languages. The language manager offers 174 languages, along with the option of editing them. Its pro-version comes with more advanced features to save your time and improve your work flow.

screenshot-1 (4)

7) Stella
Stella allows your visitors to quickly switch between multiple languages on the front-end. The plugin allows you to produce Multilanguage content effectively. It is ready to go just from activation. You don’t need additional third-party plugins as everything is included already.


Which plugins do you use for your website? Please share with us.

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