Why People Leave Your Website?

Attracting users to visit your website is an effort-seeking task. You need to make a lot of efforts and spend time and money to get visitors land on your website. But, what after that? Does your work finish here only? No, you need to successfully generate leads and sales. Ideally, a visitor should not leave your website before taking call to action but that does not happen. There can be many reasons as to why people leave your website.

Here, we have listed the top 7 reasons as to why people leave your website:

1) Slow Loading

When your website loads slowly, people leave your website at that moment. In today’s competitive world, you cannot afford to ignore the load time of your website. Users will not wait for your web page to load. The average time a person waits is just 3 seconds and you need to ensure that your website loads quickly. Slow loading is one of the top reasons for users leaving your website.

2) Bad Navigation

Bad navigation is something that really irritates the users. The navigation should be local and intuitive. You can group navigation elements in the central area. Unclear navigation results in bad on-site user experience and is also bad from SEO view point. You should think of your website’s setup as if you were your own client. The navigation structure should be arranged taking into account the users’ needs.

3) Cluttered Homepage

Homepage with lots of information can confuse visitors. Visitors do not want long story on the homepage itself. An overcrowded page can result in instant leaving of the visitors. Today, online shoppers have so many options that if the website is not appealing and well-laid out, visitors will not stay on that website. One of the significant reasons for users leaving the website is the cluttered homepage.

4) Autoplay and Popups

A video that plays by itself causes irritation and frustration to the visitors. When someone visits a website and instantly bombarded with an unwanted nasty sound, he will leave the website immediately. The ads that play sound automatically irritate the most. Another top reason for visitors leaving the website is the annoying popups. Popups that appear after every 30 or 40 seconds irritates the visitors.

5) No CTA or Too Many

An important element of a well-designed website is compelling Call-To-Action (CTA). When the visitors cannot find CTA on your website, people leave your website without taking action. Visitors have come to your website to research your products or find particular information and when they are not finding ways to get in touch with you, your all efforts will be in vain.

people leave your website

An example of CTA buttons

6) Irrelevant Information

When a visitors land on your website to find some information and your homepage does not provide relevant details he is looking for, he will not take much time in closing the tab and moving on. Your website should depict right information about your company or business. It should be optimized to rank for right targeted keywords.

7) Typos and Rubbish Fonts

Typos and bad grammar are not good signs. You should pay attention to detail and ensure that the content is error-free. Also, make sure that you use right type of font for your website content. Though solely fonts cannot be the reason for person leaving the website but lame fonts do give away wrong impression to the users.

people leave your website

Do you know any other reason as to why people leave your website? Let us know about them in the comments!