Why Should You Use Long Tail Keywords?

A long-tail keyword is the one that contains three or more words and is a targeted search phrase. This can be better understood with the help of an example.

Normal keyword: Cheap flights
Long tail keyword: Cheap flights to Philadelphia, USA

Why target long tail keywords?

  • Less competition
    A mistake that many people make is focusing on keyword over-stuffing rather than focusing on keyword competition. Long tail keywords are more specific and have high potential to make your website rank higher in search engine results. When you use long tail keywords, it is more like getting focused towards keyword phrases with fewer competitors.
  • long tail keywords

  • Higher conversion rates
    People who search by using long tail keywords are far more likely to become buyers. They have shown higher conversion rates as compared to normal keywords. As the keyword is more specific, it will receive more relevant traffic and thus, a greater percentage of that traffic is likely to make the purchase or hire your services.
  • Rank better in search results
    By including long tail phrases, you are also likely to boost pages targeting competitive pages by linking them. They help you to rank better in popular search engine results.
  • Make site more natural with relevant content
    When you create awesome, engaging content around your key terms, your site will look more substantial and more natural. You should use a lot of long tail keywords that touch context relevance and are important to the readers.
  • Easier to get targeted traffic
    Most of the people use long tail keywords in their search queries when looking for a product or hiring a service. As these keywords are more specific instead of a generic term, they offer relevant results to the users. Long tail keywords make it easier for you to reach the targeted segment of audience as compared to using generic keywords in your content.
  • After understanding what are long tail keywords and why are they important, you must be interested in knowing how to find long tail keywords? This article will guide you to create them.

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