Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a flexible and user-friendly Content Management System that helps non-tech savvy users to easily manage their own website and blogs. The continuous efforts of WordPress developers have made this framework to extend much beyond blogging with improved capabilities of a solid Content Management System.

How is WordPress useful for you?

Although WordPress is often thought of as a blogging platform, it can actually work for other kinds of websites as well. Thousands of companies are investing in WordPress development, and utilize its flexible database, custom WordPress themes and plug-ins.

Why choose WordPress over other platforms?

WordPress supports multiple themes; one can pick any ready to use theme or can also custom design it as per the needs. The success of custom WordPress development largely depends on the themes that you choose along with the right use of plug-ins. You should make sure that the theme you choose reflects the purpose of your website. It is regularly updated by the WordPress team for security vulnerabilities and also brings new features periodically.


Getting Started

With WordPress, you can manage several types of content, includes posts, pages and links. Before starting out, you need to decide on the kind of content you need such as do you need posts? How many pages you require? What features you want on the homepage? Once you get answers to such basic questions, it’s easier to find a theme exactly meeting your requirements.

Selecting a WordPress Theme
Now, it’s time to pick a theme that relates to your industry. Make a note of your desired features and select a theme that has the major features you want. Strive for simplicity and make sure that your theme is compatible with all browsers. There are free themes available through or premium themes for purchase. Some themes provide drop down navigation menu settings, thus giving you control of what goes where.

WordPress as a Content Management System
WordPress runs as a CMS smoothly and you can customize any part of WordPress to function the way you want. As you add pages to your site, they’re also added to your site’s menu. Also, you can give those pages hierarchy and easily create a multi-tiered website. Thus, WordPress can easily be used as a CMS to run websites.

WordPress Options
WordPress comes with a plenty of options to choose from:

1. File editor: Use the built-in file editor and change the code on your website files with ease.
2. Site Visibility: Don’t want search engines to see your site? Just choose this option and block search engines from tracking it.
3. Comments: Now, you can allow commenting on your posts. Let comments keep track of the conversation.
4. Mobile: Make a phone and tablet specific version of your website without creating a new site.
5. Front Page Display: Turn your homepage into a splash, or static page within seconds.

Expand your site with WordPress Plugins
An excellent advantage of using WordPress as a CMS is plugins. The WordPress software can be complimented with a host of plugins to add new features. Thousands of plugins are there and here, we talk about the most useful ones. Askimet, Related Posts, DisplayBuddy series, Subscribe to Comments, EmailBuddy and BackupBuddy are helpful plugins to add to your website.