WordPress 4.0 Version Is To Be Released Soon

WordPress is all set to release the version 4.0 and the first release candidate (RC) for 4.0 version has been released. With its release, some really cool features and improvement arrive to the WordPress CMS. The platform has several revamped features for the users.
Some of the noteworthy improvements and new features on which the WordPress team has been working are discussed here.

Media Library Updates

An important update has been made to the Media Library. In addition to the existing list view, now users can also select to see their media in a sleek grid view. With WordPress 4.0, the Media Library now allows WP users to edit information, view an enlarged preview, and more.
The media section introduces a sleeker user-interface which gives you a better overview of your media files. Clicking on media will open it in a modal popup.

Plugin Installation

Now, when you will search for new plugin, you will no longer see them in a list view but in a multi-column card view. This card-view will give you a more useful overview of the plugins. The plugin install experience is still work in progress and hopefully, there will be more improvements in the final release.

Preview of Content Being Embedded

Embedding content has also become a nicer process. You will be able to see the actual embed in the post editor when you paste a URL from YouTube, Twitter etc.

Installation Language

In WordPress 4.0, installation of WordPress in other languages will be lot easier. You will just choose the language for the site and the rest of the installation will continue in your chosen language. This handy feature is very useful for all those non-English WordPress users. The updated version will also allow users to switch/change the site language easily. You just need to go to Settings>> General and choose a language from Site Language drop down menu.

Improvements to Post Editor
WordPress 4.0 will bring very useful improvements to the post editor. The menu bar will now stick to the top as a user writes a post. The scroll bar is also providing a better writing experience to the users. These improvements make editing smoother and better. Intelligently resizing post editor is an additional useful feature.

Separate Panel for Widget Customization Settings

The new WP version has put together all widgets into a sub-section of the customization screen. This provides an improved UI.

API for Customizer Panels

The customizer now includes a new way to group options together with use of panels.

Other changes
In addition to above notable features and improvements, WordPress 4.0 also comes with subtle improvements such as how cursor and keyboard interacts with TinyMCE, formatting improvements etc.

Your Thoughts

WordPress 4.0 version will bring us a better user experience. The team is working to improve day-to-day features of WordPress in a positive way. WordPress 4.0 is going to an exciting new release. What are your favorite features in the new version and what features you would like to see in the upcoming updates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.