Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Creating Quiz Feature

Want to create a quiz feature for your WordPress site but are confused about selection of right plugin? We have listed here the top 10 plugins for WordPress that help you create quizzes or exams.

1) Wp-Pro-Quiz

This powerful plugin is the best choice for quiz plugin for WordPress. Having ratings of 4.9 out of 5 stars, Wp-Pro-Quiz offers you plenty of options to choose from. With installation of this free plugin, you have many functions such as single choice, multiple choice, sorting choice, free choice, matrix sorting choice, cloze function, and lots more. You also have the option of setting up the time limit, different valency for every question, different points for each answer, and others.
Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (29)

2) SlickQuiz

SlickQuiz is a popular plugin for displaying and managing quizzes. It is a SlickQuiz jQuery plugin that easily manages dyamic quizzes. You can create unlimited questions, unlimited answers with this plugin. It saves user scores and it also offers you the option to share results via Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons. You can customize button text, as well as score and ranking text.

screenshot-2 (4)

Cost: Free
Creating a quiz

3) Watu

Watu is a recognized plugin for creating exams and quizzes and it displays the result immediately after the user takes the exam. It uses shortcodes to embed quizzes in posts or pages. The free version comes with amazing features and its premium version Watu Pro has more advanced features such as data exports, student logins, etc.
Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (30)
List of your exams with shortcodes for embedding in posts or pages

4) mTouch Quiz

Want to create a multiple choice quiz and looking for a perfect plugin? mTouch quiz is the ideal choice. The plugin has been designed with mobility in mind. It lets you to add quizzes to your site without any complexities. You have plenty of options to consider such as: specify hints based on answer selection, give detailed explanation of the solution, specify when the correct answers are displayed, and the list goes on.
Cost: Free

screenshot-3 (3)
A Typical Question on a Mobile Browser (Landscape) (using WPTouch plugin on iPhone 4)

5) LearnDash

LearnDash is a premium plugin that you can upload from your WordPress backend. It offers a convenient way to turn your WordPress site to a learning management system. It easily creates an unlimited number of courses, lessons and lesson topics. It lets you create a quiz, passing score, and LearnDash also issues certificates to those who clear the exam. You can also set a timer for your lessons and users can’t mark it complete until the timer reaches zero.
Cost: $79 for Basic Package


6) WordPress Simple Survey

Just install this plugin and create surveys and graded quizzes with ease. It is a great choice when you want to create polls and questionnaires and track the results. It creates a seamless experience for the user, as there is no loading and reloading of webpages. You can also upgrade to the extended version for more functions such as multiple response questions and free text options.
Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (31)

7) Sliding Quiz

Sliding Quiz is a jQuery plugin that let you create multiple choice questions for any purpose, such as teaching, advertising, blogging and more. Some of its astonishing features include:

  • Create multiple quizzes on the same page
  • Counter and progress bar
  • Two ways to calculate score: Percentage and sum of correct answers
  • Plenty of configuration options available

Cost: $7 for regular license


8) Facebook Quiz Application

This premium WordPress plugin adds the Facebook quiz as page tab. It lets you create unlimited number of questions and you can also custom quiz pages. When you want to create a Facebook quiz, this plugin is the best choice to create it within minutes.
Cost: $20 for regular license


9) WordPress Quiz

This premium plugin easily creates multiple quizzes on the same page. Users can preview questions when finish and submit score via email to owner. It comes with features like social sharing, statistic with chart and more. It has many other customizations such as localization, changing color matched with your website user-interface, random questions etc.
Cost: $20 for regular license


10) Quiz Master Next

This free plugin is designed to offer you the easiest and most flexible way of creating multiple quizzes, surveys and tests to your website. The plugin also saves the results, the user’s answers and comments for later use. It comes with a host of useful plugins and you’re sure to love those. Users can also share the results on social networks.

screenshot-4 (1)

Your Thoughts

What are your favorite WordPress plugins for creating quizzes, or exams? Do you use any of the plugins we mentioned on your blog or website? Or do you use any other plugin? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Olav

    Maybe its time to update this post? 🙂
    Check out Easy Quiz Player, a new quiz plugin for WP.


  2. Pantherius

    Unfortunately, some of them a bit outdated or simply not updated. However, it is a great list, you may already check out our recently released plugin: Modal Survey