Top 6 Reasons Why to Use Google Analytics

To understand the reasons for using Google Analytics, you firstly need to know what Google analytics is? Google Analytics is a valuable tool for tracking the efficiency of your online campaigns. It gives an insight about the number of visitors to your website, including new visitors. It’s a great way to measure the online traffic to your website so that you’ll be able to make better improvements in your advertising efforts.


Some of the excellent benefits that come with Google Analytics include:

1. It’s free:
One of the major benefits of using Google Analytics is that comes with no cost and provides far better and relevant results than paid tools. It gives you complete freedom in managing your website content. You don’t have to pay any fee for using this product. A wonderful tool to get insight into the behavior of your site visitors!

2. Drive targeted traffic to your website:
With Google Analytics, you can figure out where your target segment is going by tracking outbound links. You can get better online visibility of your business and keep a track of the kind of visitors coming to your website. Certainly, it’s an amazing way to stay ahead of the competition.

3. Powerful reports:
You can create your own reports with many different dimensions and metrics. It is simple to use and you will soon understand the interface, and how to work with the tool. You can also find out deficiencies in your website and update it to attract your readers. You’ll also be able to identify niche areas to make your website more appealing and attractive.

4. Get Real-time Statistics
One of the main reasons to use Google Analytics is to get real time statics. It provides you with appropriate data without shelling out cash for the services. It’s also a great way to get direct feedback on campaigns you are running.


5. Track online visitors
An excellent advantage that comes with usage of Google Analytics is that you’ll be able to know which keywords use in search engines to get to your website. You’ll be able to track popular keywords and use them as a part of your SEO marketing campaigns. Now, evaluate traffic flow to your website effortlessly.

6. Track performance of your social media efforts
Social reports allow you to easily track down the sharing of your content on several social platforms. This will help you to get an idea about the pages of your websites that are popular with the users.

So, after knowing the amazing range of benefits that come with use of Google Analytics tool for business, next question that comes to our mind is how to enjoy these benefits? Here, are the simple steps to Google Analytics Set-up:

• Have a Gmail Account and activate Google Analytics by clicking on “Access Analytics” button
• Sign up for Google Analytics (add basic information about your website)
• Add tracking code (you’ll get a tracking code to paste onto your pages)
• And learn about your audience (within a few hours, you’ll be able to track data)

To sum up
With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to evaluate, monitor and track your online strategies at your fingertips. It draws your attention towards activities that will drive in more traffic to your website.
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